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Supplier Quality Requirements


Purchasing General Terms and Conditions

AAQR1  Source Identification

AAQR2  Chemical and Physical Test reports

AAQR3  Manufacturers Certification of Conformance

AAQR4  Certificate of Conformance

AAQR5 Suppliers Age Control Requirements for Rubber Products

AAQR6 Fastener Quality Act

AAQR8 DFARS Compliant- Specialty Metals Clause

AAQR9 Government Source Inspection


General Terms and Conditions

General: Purchasing documents describe the products and services being ordered and state Allied Aerospace, Ltd. (Allied) requirements. Applicable information regarding requirements for approval of product, procedures, processes, equipment, part number or other precise identification shall be noted and\or referenced on the face of the purchase order. Allied will not pay for over shipments without prior approval.

Quality Management System: The supplier shall implement a quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001, MIL-145208, AS9100 (9120) or equivalent.

Packaging and Shipping: Seller will package, mark, and ship all product(s) in a manner which is in accordance with good commercial practice for protection of the product(s). Seller shall mark all containers with necessary lifting, handling, and shipping information.

Provision of Product Integrity and Traceability: When applicable, all products supplied by the supplier must be legible and traceable to the manufacturer with full lot traceability. Paperwork traceability must be maintained at the supplier's facility. Supplier must provide Manufacturer Certificate of Conformance (CofC) and Test Reports (T/R) upon request. Allied prohibits any purchase, shipment, or circulation of counterfeit and suspect unapproved parts. Notification of Design Changes: Suppliers with design authority are required to notify Allied if any proposed design changes affect fit, form, function, or safety of the product. Suppliers must obtain prior approval from Allied before manufacturing and delivery of any design changes.

Revision Status: Specifications, drawings, and process requirements used in production shall be the most current revision at the time of production, unless otherwise specified on the Purchase Order.

Notification of Nonconforming Material: No product shall be shipped under a Purchase Order which contains material that departs from drawings or specifications. The suppler will provide Allied notification of any proposed deviation of material and receive consent by Allied to manufacture and ship nonconforming material. The supplier shall be responsible for any additional costs, such as re-stocking fees incurred due to use of such nonconforming material. Should the supplier discover that nonconforming material has been delivered to Allied, it is the suppliers' responsibility to notify Allied Aerospace immediately.

Flow Down of Requirements: Supplier is required to flow down the quality requirements of Allied Purchase Orders to any sub-tier sources or processors used in the production of the order. The supplier shall use customer-designated or approved external providers, including process sources (e. g., special processes) when designated. The Supplier shall control and monitor the performance of the external providers. Suspect and Counterfeit Parts: The Supplier shall prevent the use of suspected unapproved, unapproved and counterfeit parts. Awareness: The Supplier shall ensure that persons are aware of: — their contribution to product or service conformity; — their contribution to product safety; — the importance of ethical behavior.

Right of Entry: Allied, its Customers, and regulatory authorities reserve the right to perform audits and/or inspections at the suppliers' facilities. These audits and/or inspections are performed to determine if the product supplied conforms to the Purchase Order requirements and may include certifications inspection and/or test reports along with any other relevant documents indicating product performance.

Record Retention: Records will be retained as directed by government and/or regulatory agencies. The minimum retention period for Allied is 10 years.

Shipment Tolerance: Ship quantity tolerance is +/- 0% without written approval.

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AAQR1 Source Identification (QPL)

The supplier shall identify the manufacturer(s) of parts, components, or materials furnished under this order when procurement from a manufacturer listed on a Qualified Products List (QPL) is required in accordance with a Military Specification.

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AAQR2 Chemical and Physical Test Reports

Suppliers must furnish test reports of mechanical properties and actual chemical analysis for each heat or master heat traceable to the original mill lot and heat number for the material submitted. Reports to be packaged with each lot shipped and identify the package containing the documentation.

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AAQR3 Manufacturer Certificate of Conformance

Supplier must furnish the manufacturers certificate of conformance for each heat or lot number traceable to the original mill lot and heat number for the product shipped.

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AARR4 Certificate of Conformance

A general certification of conformance with manufacturers name and lot is required for each product shipped.

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AAQR5 Supplier Age Control for Rubber Products

Cure date information shall be packaged with each lot shipped, indicating either the applicable quarter of year digit, letter “Q” and terminated with the last two digits of the applicable year (example: Items in June, 1997 would be cure-date marked “2Q97”), or the actual date of cure.

Unless otherwise specified, shelf life is to be as recommended is SAE AS1933, SAE ARP5316, or MIL-HDBK-695 as applicable.

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AAQR6 Fastener Quality Act
(Public Law 101-592, as amended by Public Law 104-113)

A written certification of conformance is required from manufacturer of these parts assuring that fasteners have been manufactured or tested in accordance with the applicable standards and specification of this Act and records are on file.

Note: Parts are to be marked in accordance with detail drawing.

The Act places responsibility on persons who manufacture and sell fasteners to assure that such fasteners have been manufactured in accordance with applicable standards and specifications by having them tested in a laboratory accredited by NIST, or by an organization approved by NIST. The assurance required is a written certification of conformance which manufacturers, importers, private label distributors, and person who significantly alter fasteners must keep on file for a period of five years. This assurance must also be backed by an original test report in the custody of the above named individuals, which must also be kept for five years.

The Act and regulations require manufacturers, private label distributors, and persons who significantly alter fasteners to record fastener insignias with the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks, as a means of assuring easy identification of the party responsible for the fastener. Similarly, to assure that individual quantities of fasteners can be traced back to their original lots, the Act prohibits manufacturers, importers, and private label distributors from commingling like fasteners from more than two different lots in the same container during repackaging and plating operations. Distributors, other than private label distributors, and persons who purchase fasteners at wholesale or retail, may commingle fasteners of the same type, grade, and dimension from different lots in the same container. However, if a purchaser of fasteners requests the seller to mark the container of fasteners with the lot number from which such fasteners were taken, either prior to the sale or at the time of sale, the seller shall conspicuously mark the container of fasteners with the lot number.

Anyone who significantly alters a fastener in a manner which could weaken or otherwise materially affect the performance or capabilities of the fastener as it was originally manufactured has to meet additional requirements under the Act and regulations.

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AAQR8 DFARS Compliant- Specialty Metal Clause 252.225-7014

Reference for complete documentation of DFARS 252.225-7014

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AAQR9 Government Source Inspection

  1. Government inspection is required prior to shipment from your plant. Upon receipt of this order, promptly notify the Government Representative who normally services your plant so that appropriate planning for Government Inspection can be accomplished.

  2. On the receipt of the order, promptly furnish a copy to the Government representatives who normally services your plant, or if none, to the nearest Army, Navy, Air Force or Defense Supply Agency Inspection Office. In the event the representative or office cannot be located, our Purchasing Department should be notified immediately.

  3. You are required to have reasonably accessible the Government Quality Assurance Representative all drawings, specifications, engineering data, technical instructions, and detailed inspection procedures used in fulfilling the requirements of the Allied Aerospace Purchase order.

  4. Material received at Allied Aerospace and not indicating Government Representative Inspection at source will be subject to rejection at Receiving Inspection. 

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